Meet Your Authentic Self Workshop

Everyone has a version of themselves that is unadulterated, without borders or barriers, untouched and untouchable. This part of us is often called our authentic selves. The person we were before everyone told us who we should be. The person guiding you in life to what empowers you, what drives and excites you. That person is always in us, whether we feel connected or not.

I am offering a guided mediation to see and meet your authentic self through your own psychic sight. This is helpful and even necessary for many reasons:

-Create a deeper connection. Feel and see the beauty of ourselves, especially when self love doesn’t come easy on a daily basis.

– See yourself living authentically, surrounded in love and full of life.

– Trust your own psychic abilities that we are all born with.

– Eliminate boundaries that keep you stuck in life.

-Listen to the messages from the person that knows you best, YOU!

It has been said that all the answers you seek are inside yourself, you just need to know where and how to look, I can help you tune into the where and the how and enable you to communicate on your own, any time.

This workshop is open to anyone and will be held via skype


-An open mind

-Two uninterrupted hours (I know, I know….You’re worth it!)

-A space that you feel comfortable in

The cost for this workshop is $90 USD, payment plans accepted, I will not be taking trades for this workshop. All payments exchanged via paypal.

This workshop will two time options October 15th at 10am pst or 5pm 

There will be four spots available for each session.

I am really excited to facilitate this for you, the first time I connected in to my authentic self, it filled me with a passion and life and I felt so unbelievably supported. So are you!