As it Was Meant

It has been a great honor to hold the hands of those filled with grief, to guide them to their loved ones, to feel the ultimate embrace of unconditional love. For those souls who spent time earthside and for those preparing their journeys.

So when opportunity came to do a spirit baby reading for Jordan Peterson-DeRosier , I leapt at the chance. To my delight she was excited and the rest can be found in her blog post.

Thank you for the opportunity, it was incredible to navigate with you. I remain thankful for the work I do and to the endless support that exists all around us both seen and unseen.

Last week our friend Amethyst reached out and offered to do a reading for us to check in with Phoenix. I was thrilled with this, as I have always found inspiration and strength in viewing Amethyst’s life journey. She is an incredible human being with a soul absolutely in touch with those around her.

To give some background:

Amethyst and Justin grew up together and stayed in touch over the years through adulthood. Shortly after experiencing my second miscarriage, Amethyst went through her own. We talked to each other throughout our tragedy at the time, and were both overjoyed when we were both able to tell the other we were expecting again. Me with Sloan, she with her daughter Eponine. We were due only a few weeks apart, she before me. It turned out that Sloan arrived earth side first, and Eponine only days later.

Both of our December babies…

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