Holding on to some relationships be like…

Pretend you are growing in a womb. Putting yourself together, being formed.

The only friend and companion you have ever known is the placenta, the giver of life. The source of your entire world, the bringer of nourishment.

Your pillow, your comfort, your connection.


Then birth happens and the cord is severed, often abruptly, and you are taken from the only home you have known and that placenta you have loved and that loved you is often discarded or used in a new way.


We know the cycle of birth before hand, but what if we didn’t know it was 10 months? It could be a pretty traumatic event to be separated from what sustained life for you, to move on, to thank that relationship and move forward.

But it MUST, or things will get putrid, toxic. We CANNOT stay connected to this organ any longer.

This is what we we do with relationships. What seems like violent ends was always going to be, NEEDS to be. The end of a contract, the end of a cycle that we are not consciously aware of. Free yourself to examine relationships, to evaluate, discard, readjust, use in a new way. Life is a series of cycles, move freely in that.

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