​Lets talk about vampiric readers for a moment, but not too long.



What are they?

When a reading takes place, what the reader is looking at is energy. During this process, there can be negative energy that is present in the client or comes in another way throughout the reading. (another topic)  A skilled reader can choose to transmute this energy or create a barrier around them so they don’t take it in.  A vampiric reader does not do this and also takes the good. The vampiric reader takes your life source to become whole.

This can happen with or without the reader even knowing.

When the reader has not done the work to become soverign. When they have emotional wounds that crave healing.

Because of this voilation, the client may feel really good directly after the reading and then experience a crash a couple days later. I am not talking about the necessary detox that occurs after a reading or a healing, that is he natural process of lifetime blocks being drained from the body. I am talking about a complete fatigue crash that lasts for days.

They take your life source because they are not operating whole. Energy is nothing to be complacent about which is why it is so important to be properly trained.
Since Vampiric readers have no boundaries, they cannot transmute. They also feel really good after a reading because they have fed, but, they often take on negative energy from the client or what is attached to the client and they get sick and feel drained in waves.

I have been training years for this. I do not need anything from my clients. I operate from a healed space. I come to the session whole, I am self sustaining. I cleanse my physical and energetic body before every session. I connect from a vibration of powerful life source within me that I maintain on my own. I show up for you. I have done the work so that nothing in you ever has to do the work for me.

There are so many compassionate, skilled and sovereign readers out there, always trust yourself in finding one, which you are pretty good at because you just found me:



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