I see this a lot, where you know that:”Okay, obviously I know that my body created this person and that is wonderful, but I still hate my body, what do I do?” The deep seeded need to pick at ourselves prevails.
Why is it that you hate your body? Where does that thought originate? Comparison, to what? Someone else? Who you were before? Before I had kids, my body was perfect, by society standard. I was also very lonely, insecure and very very lost. I hated myself more then than I do know. Every move I made, I would question. I was miserable.

I believe hating your body is an illusion. Completley made up to keep us from our true power. What is wrong with fat? With cellulite? With stretchmarks? It has nothing to do with a marker of health or self worth. Nothing to do with happiness. It is controlled by the perception of society and why do we let the lens of others effect us so deeply? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Self loathing is a big business. And it is up to us, for our sanity, to question these thoughts and explore these ideas.

“I hate my body.”
“Because my stomach is nasty.”
“Nasty how?”
“It is fat and stretched out.”
“Why is that a bad thing?”
“Because I don’t like how it looks.”
“Why don’t you like how it looks?”
“Because I just don’t.”
“That is not a reason. Go deeper.”
“Because when I was little my mom would complain about her stomach.”
“Does upholding this belief serve you and make you happy?”
“It’s time to release it, then. You are beautiful and whole and perfect.”

This will not be an instant change, this will take time, but if you explore every thought you think and decide to change your mind, it will be an authentic, permanant change that will bring you true happiness.

I replace thoughts of self loathing, with thoughts of apprecitation. Instead of walking past a mirror and thinking “OH DEAR GOD, GROSS” I will say “Oh, I’m cute.” Even if I don’t see that to to be true. A belief is just a thought that you continue to think is true, so we can change our beliefs. Am I bigger than I was prekids, yes. That’s a fact. Why is that a bad thing? I also feel more powerful and capable and a million other things after having my kids, what is keeping me from focusing on the positives? Our society runs on self loathing, and I super refuse to be part of it because we are all so much more than that.  Please spend time writing out traits in yourself that you admire and build your arsonal against these default thoughts of self loathing. Shift your focus on what you have gained, what makes you you, you are perfect.

Amethyst Joy

One thought on “Shifting focus from the self loathing that runs our society.

  1. Yes to this, I can’t stand all the critical critiques out there. From unibrow to kankles, seriously it’s not healthy. Love and nurture yourself inside and out and feel like a rock star.

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