We waited for you.

“Did you always know?”
“Oh, no. No, I didn’t. But I believed… I believed.”

Her name was Eponine and she was unafraid.

I have waited for my third for years, through uncertainty, through miscarriage, through joy and pain and soul connection and growth, through 42 weeks of pregnancy, we waited.

Eponine Cataleia Gracie was born at home, in the water at1:52pm

With every contraction I would affirm “I love it, I love it.” “I am the greatest.” As they came on with purposeful power. My ability to stay in a capable and focused mindset was really beautiful and empowering.

I am so thankful to my partner, Greg, for being an ever present calming force in life and in birth. My sister, Gracie, my dad and my birth team.

Ezekiel was whispering to her “You are so brave, you are so strong!” While Escher yelled how cute and tiny she was….she isn’t, by the way at 9.1 pounds and 22.75 inches.

We are home enjoying every second.
More info and photos to come ❤

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