Everybody deserves respect.

Let’s get rid of the idea that the size of a thing is the measure of its power? Just because children are in tiny bodies doesn’t mean they are less important or less or anything. How do you measure “Power”? Your physical strength over another being? I think that’s pretty gross. If you feel powerful when making others feel small or by controlling them physically without their consent, it’s criminal.  Hurting children to make them behave, to do what you want is actually really narcissistic and abusive because you are basing everyone else’s existence on your perceived morals, not actual facts. What if what is best for you or what you think is best for you is not serving the person that your child is? Why isn’t that the moral dilemma? You are not raising mini mes and to do so is to break the spirit of another human, forcing them to fall in line or respect you based on fear. And you think that is what “respect” looks like.

No wonder my generation is riddled with anxiety and depression, the fear instilled in us has crippled our greatness. And I absolutely believe it stems from the twisted idea that fear was more respectful than love. More practical, more useful.

Respect is based on compassion. To see another person and realize the humanity you both share in having a human experience, not because of what they do or don’t do, because they exist on earth, it is not something that needs to be earned. Everyone deserves respect. EVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT. It takes nothing from you to send a loving thought to an enemy.

Slug of Atmosphere said it best “Do ya thang, Honey, as long as your thing ain’t got a single thing to do with me.” Respect your boundaries. Respect the boundaries of others.

Because what are we teaching our children about social interactions when we judge people based on the decisions they make about their own lives? They don’t deserve respect because of how they live? That is so strange to me, because people are accountable for their own actions and no one else’s. Your kids are listening when you speak fear and hatred. They also listen when you speak love and compassion. Work to change your dialog. Listen to yourself talk.

Respect all life, starting with your children, show them that even the smallest creatures deserve respect and that love does not EVER include violence.

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