Spiders and our shadow selves

One thing is for certain, animals are here to help us with our journey, the help us to realize different sides of ourselves, any time you see an animal or insect, they have a message for you.

Spiders show us that we create our own lives, we weave our webs and we are in control of their patterns. Spiders also remind us of our shadow side, the part of us we like to keep hidden from view, the part of us we keep in the dark with the door locked.

The message I got today when I was in meditation was; How you interact with spiders is how you interact with that part of yourself. Do you lash out in rage at any reminder of your shadow self? Do you run away screaming? They urge us to examine and nurture. The shadow is the side of ourselves that needs love and attention. When we catch a glimpse, do we give our shadows the power to set our heart rates to the sky and ruin our day?

Spiders are just living their lives, they are here for our benefit, they hold messages about the relationships in your life that aren’t working, things you give power to by ignoring. When you see a spider, examine. Relocate. Release. Just as the feelings they represent.

This is what the spider teaches us.

“We are dying because you are afraid of us. But what you really fear is facing yourself.”

To examine the things in ourselves that we feel shame about objectively, without guilt or turmoil, to hold our inner child and breathe life into the situations that created our shadows, to see why, to bask in the sun and to take our power back from the things we keep hidden. To break the lock on the door and work WITH that half of yourself, join it with the person you want everyone to know you are.

There is no shame in the spiritual journey and Spiders want us to remind us to remain calm and observe.. Thank you, Spider wisdom, for encouraging us to look inward at the story we are weaving for ourselves and reminding us to shed light on what we keep hidden.

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