Readings and Healings for you!

I am offering readings and healings! In addition to living my life as an intuitive,  I have been studying with some of the best psychics and energy workers that this realm has to offer and I am ready to extend my services to you!


How readings work:

I am only offering email readings at this time. Energy knows no boundaries, I can connect in anywhere to anything that wants to be available and present for a reading. (Spirits have schedules too, sometimes they have nothing to say at the time.)

I connect into the Divine stream of consciousness, I connect in with messages and intentions that are for the greatest good of all involved.

All readings and outcomes are subject to free will.


All payments exchanged via Paypal

30 minutes for $50.00 (1 to 3 questions)
Up to two paragraphs of information regarding your inquiry and actionable items you can take with you to further your knowledge/healing/research.

All readings are spirit led, so don’t stress about whether your questions are within the boundaries, I will be mindful of that and you are free to focus on your questions 🙂

*Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters, to be discussed via email

Please allow up to 48 hours for response.



How healings work:

I offer this service via Skype or email.

I energetically scan your body, including the chakras, I communicate with your body and remove blockages. I communicate with your guides and offer a divine melody healing and messages from your greatest supporters (your spiritual support team)


all payments exchanged via Paypal

30 minutes: $65.00

1 hour: $125.00

Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters to be discussed via email

*I am not a doctor and all emergencies need to be directed to your physician*


Energetic Cord Cutting

Are you feeling drained by a past relationship? That is because we created energetic cords and exchanges with everyone we meet. Sometimes these relationships turn toxic, but the energetic cord still remains after the person is physically gone from you. Whether it is an old love, twin flame, family member, I can cut the toxic cord between you and this person, leaving the good. Your energy and your power is all yours and shouldn’t be drained through toxic cords and relationships that no longer serve you. This can be done over skype or email


all payments exchanged via Paypal

$35 dollars per cord cutting



Guided Meditation

Imagine being able to meet your baby before they born? I can help you do that in my guided meditation  via skype.

Be empowered to trust your psychic sight through deep meditation. I will guide you in meditation to meet your spirit baby, I will teach you how to do this meditation at home or any time, I will mentor you through and teach you all the steps to access communication with your baby at any time.



all payments exchanged via Paypal

1.5 hours of your undivided time for $140

Talk to me about payment plans, I am also open to barters to be discussed via email

I am working on putting together a workshop/group skype session, the price will be lowered to $80, please email me if you are interested!




Once we discuss what option would be perfect for you, I will send you an invoice via Paypal.

I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey and unfoldment!


Please direct any and all questions and inquiries to



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