My body is not inappropriate, my skin suit is not obscene, I create life and the entire human existence depends on bodies and organs of women.

Meditating with my baby; She dances below intentions and crystals.
Speaking love and life and hope and strength.
She speaks to me like you would, I’ve heard her all my life. Souls with bodies, we are chosen. Life goes beyond what you see and into who you’ve been, what you’ve been through before you became the current version of you. Your fears, your judgements, is it really you or what you’ve been told to think. Your wonderment, your mysticism, parts of you shoved down and ignored. Imagine a life filled with the dreams you have been dreaming since before you were born. Nothing to hold you to your percieved obligations. Imagine you are free and feeling beautiful and full of life and every lovely thing. We have been that. We have been there and we can create that life again.


I visit places you have forgotten, I see things you dont remember. It’s all in front of us, it’s all in us, calling us to relax in it’s peace. Play in it’s rivers, dance in it’s streams. You are already free if you forget everything you remember and remember everything you forget.



Being in the presence of children, of babies and of souls not yet earthside is a gift given to me, to all of us. Messages are hidden in the daily mundane. The colors of cars, the smells that bring us to that feeling of home, the insects we curse, they help us with our questions,  we just need to wake up and see beyond it all ❤


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