Actually, I can do whatever I want.

I don’t read my blog posts after I write them, That is one reason they may have grammatical or spelling errors here and there, because I write them as they come and sometimes they come super quickly. It never takes me more than hour and sometimes I’m done in ten minutes, rapid fire, channeled.

I just read through about ten of them and felt such a sense of joy and accomplishment about my journey.

I didn’t make it far in school, I do what interests me and school settings and desk sitting was not one of them. I read at a first grade level until I was sixteen and it was then noticed that I was dyslexic. I’ve always loved words, I loved being read to and I lived for poetry, but when it came to writing, it was like putting together a puzzle and I only had a few pieces. I never ended up graduating, but, I don’t feel that matters. I do what I want, when I want and nothing ever stops me.

Follow what calls to you, what has called to you your whole life but maybe you’ve silenced or ignored it. Do what makes you happy.You actually CAN do whatever you want.


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