Do Whatever Feels Right.

“Do whatever feels right” Is a phrase I noticed myself saying to my 3 year old as he was shouting “I am taking a nap on this slide, mom”

I realized the beauty in such a small sentiment. “You can trust yourself” “You are empowered to make decisions for yourself.” If only we had all heard that as kids. Instead of this idea that you needed to look outside of yourself, to an outside power in order to be a “good person”. It’s healthy to also examine what defines a good person? According to who? according to what? We all came here for different purposes, 100%  unique to the individual or collective (a group of souls that have created a contract to work together for a highest good). YOU know your soul. You are one of ONE – trust and know that. If we were raised to trust our truth, then maybe coming of age wouldn’t be as difficult. “Finding yourself” would be cultivated from birth instead of manifested as rebellious teen years or a midlife crisis.


When you trust yourself early on you bypass years of spending time and tears trying to “add up”  or “be filled” – trying to live your life according to someone else’s idea of success, love, vision, job, and relationships. Allowing the quest for self to truly be a lifelong one as I believe it’s meant to be.

When you grow up with a strong foundation of trust in yourself, you are empowered to let your truth resonate into everything you do and everywhere you go.

The idea that humans are inherently flawed and need a savior is destructive. Once we realize that living out of love instead of ego, authenticity instead of perception. It is part coming into your power and part understanding responsibility -to protect yourself and others. LOVE allows that to happen knowing that as long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else is part of living in love. Realizing that nothing is “bad” or “good”, it all just “is” and we can look at all of it objectively. Looking for lessons in life’s trials, Thanking the universe for it’s endless support, thanking yourself and your infinite knowledge.

This is what being Earth Guide to my children is all about. Living in a frequency of unconditional love and empowerment and from there, doing whatever feels right.


 I see you little ones, I feel you. Shine Bright.

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