I was recently banned from Facebook because I posted a video titled

“Your Naked Body Is Not A Crime”

Someone on my friends list reported it and it was removed. What is wrong with the world where sharing beauty is a bannable offense? I feel for the humans that have been conditioned to think that modesty is the most important thing. I grew up in a religious household….this works for some. Yet I was screaming. I felt. CRAZY. But something had to be wrong with ME, right? So I devoted myself to church and following that movement in every capacity. I was being suffocated, I was spiraling. I am so thankful to realize my strength now, I didn’t for so long. So, I feel for people that fear the humanity within themselves, thinking they are NOTHING without this patriacharcal entitity, that people are flawed. It’s just so not true, We are so powerful. We are God, we are the universe.


I will be removing everyone from my friends list, this is nothing personal! It is a beautiful rebirth of pure friendships. Please request if you would love to continue being part of our adventures. I l send love and light to each and every person and know this message will find those that need it.

11 thoughts on “Not Sorry.

  1. oh Rebecca! I love you! You are one of the STRONGEST people I know. The way that you trust your intuition is amazing. You are such a great person to look up to. I admire you for standing for what you believe in and what you are passionate about! Love ya girl!!

  2. I will never understand why people can’t simply choose to look away. A video is causing nobody harm unless they choose to watch it and choose to let it bother them. I love every piece of your beautiful life that I have been privileged to be a part of. You have been a bright, wonderful guiding light in this motherhood journey and I hope that can continue. We love you! HTTR.

  3. We love you (me, X and Rissa) and I love how easy it is for you to say what’s in your heart. Continue doing what you do. Your amazing. ❤️

  4. I’m wondering why someone would do something to make us/you ashamed of who we are naturally. Something is wrong. 😦 I understand if you feel the need to delete me, since we’ve never really met in person. But I wish you and your little family nothing but the best!

    1. I appreciate you so much. It really is okay, I mean that’s “the rules” but it doesn’t make it right. I lead way for me to purge, so I am grateful for that! What better time than when the trees are shedding leaves right along with me ❤

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