Poppy, Our Girl.

The first time I heard anything about having another baby was when I first saw my psychic. She said there seemed to be another spirit wanting to be in our family, but that was pretty much it.

In California, I called Sara Wiseman’s internet radio station where she does short readings on Wednesdays. I really just called to thank her for her book Your Psychic Child because it completely saved my life with Ezekiel in ways that I could not even express. She said “Ho, boy….You have a spirit baby VERY close to you wanting to manifest.”

I didn’t really know what that meant.  Spirit baby? So, I looked it up. Basically, in the time between when a spirit chooses you and the time they manifest, physically, you can communicate with them. I found a website called http://www.lovefrombaby.com  where a lovely woman named Kate Street who communicates directly with the spirit baby realm offered videos and information.

I instantly made an appointment with Reese (My psychic) to know more about this spirit. Reese began to laugh as she tried to keep secrets about my baby, all of a sudden she just says “She’s a girl, okay? and that’s very apparent.,,,all pink everything.” I said, we don’t really gender dress around here, she said with a smile “You will.”

This girl. She will scream unless she is dressed to the nines. (good info to have while my newborn is screaming with no explanation) Organic, Lush, Pink. She even said her birth would be a C section if that meant her head would stay round. We settled on a water birth after I assured her that her brothers both had very round heads….but Miles Davis had to be playing in the background and the most luxurious blanket was waiting. She only wants the best of the best. Goddess help me.

She has expressed that she wants to be known. She wants all of you on this journey with us, she wants to be celebrated before she is physical, so here I am, introducing my sweet girl.

Some spirit babies choose only their mom, only their dad, only immediate family. They carefully choose everyone they encounter for their specific lessons and soul growth.

She talks to her brothers, she plays with her friends, she visits her dad and her aunties and anyone who will listen…she’s not even here yet.  Everything is energy, on this vibration, we just see it differently, flesh and blood, but we are so much more and it’s beautiful.


If you feel a spirit baby tugging at you or you wonder why your kids chose you (Because they DID!) please consider making an appointment with me:


I am here for any questions you may have. Thank you for joining me us on this journey.

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