Abortion is not the end of life.

I wrote a post on facebook about this, but am called to go deeper, with all the judgments happening surrounding the Planned Parenthood decision and all the strong mamas who felt silently judged by the anti propaganda and contacted me to thank me for being a voice.


Please read it.

I have a Pro-life tattoo on my back. It was my first tattoo. It has my dad’s footprints from the back of his birth certificate surrounded by flowers with a banner underneath. I love the tattoo, but I’m tired of the words.


I have become so much more aware of how the spirit world works in these past 10 years. We are so much more than bodies. I believe that every soul chooses it’s path and knows the outcome of their life before they choose their vessel, then we mostly forget when we actually get here. For some babies, they only came to give their mama some perspective. Sometimes they come in and spend their short times sending their mamas unconditional love during a very hard time, maybe it causes huge life shifts or just makes her feel better for a few weeks. This issue is not only the mom’s decision, but the soul inside of her already knows. It’s not their intention to be earthside. They have already made that decision before they chose her.
The guilt and shame that people are “supposed” to feel with abortion is worse than anything. These are strong women in weak spots. I have been here, it’s unimaginable. This issue is so much more than our ego or beliefs. The spirit world just doesn’t work that way, it doesn’t guilt or shame, there is higher perspective there. Instead of feeling like abortion is this repugnant, unimaginable horror like I once did, I spend my time sending love to the brave souls choosing short lives and the strong women housing them.

I understand where some people think they are coming from, a place of compassion and concern, but it’s quiet narrow-sighted to believe one choice is right for anyone but them. There is so much more perspective that is not explored with a stance like that.

Your God doesn’t live in my uterus. My God is the source of all light, SOURCE. Empowering me to make my decisions based on my own soul advancement. My lessons are not yours to learn and same with me for you.

Life does not end with abortion. The spirit world is so much bigger than that. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, only recycled and re-purposed. All is well. To think God is so small that that is the end of the story? God is in everything. Source is in that mama, in that baby, it was always the plan.

More support must be given to the women through these times and less judgement, because life is precious, after all. All I ask to drop your ego and really think about your beliefs, objectively.


4 thoughts on “Abortion is not the end of life.

  1. To my beautiful daughter. Your insight is deep as someone who stood at the edge and paused to reflect. One thing I know is our decisions and our choices help guide us along our path. All Life is precious. Yes there is a God bigger then anything that we could ever imaging and loves us unconditionally. Love you girl Dad

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