We Can Do Better.

I long for a world free of torment, free of guilt for loving, for being, for feeling a way that isn’t perceived okay in society.

It is my hope that, whatever my children choose to be, they would never have to live a lie or carry such a heavy burden that is felt by people all over the world in astonishing numbers. Souls can’t survive like that, and with the astonishing suicide rate of LGBTQ children, that is APPARENT. It’s not okay. We can do better than this.

I will not raise my sons to live in boundaries simply because we, as a whole, are told to. I will not teach them an ideal for fear of being bullied because of how they choose to present themselves. If children were taught tolerance and compassion instead of THIS IS THE WAY IT IS DONE, BOYS WEAR BLUE, GIRLS LIKE PRINCESSES, (to mention the most trivial of issues that scratch the surface)  then -maybe- the change would be organic. I strive to break down the detrimental walls we were born surrounded by. Question your beliefs, find their epicenter, teach your children to be authentic and to encourage the same of their friends. Our children are not extensions of ourselves. They are individuals.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but that is the beauty of life. I don’t have to. There is no perfect formula, every child is different and equipping them with unconditional love and showing them love without expectation, that we deserve love because we exist, they are empowered to run and create their own reality. That high vibration will change the world. It will resonate through time and space and I am excited to see where it takes us. We can do better.

cali 2014-15 014

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