Dreadlocks, Head Tattoos, Empowerment, OH MY!

Leaving California was hard. Driving away from that beach, I left a piece of myself. We were there less than a year, but I feel like I grew up there. In many ways, I did. I made deep soul connections and truly found my tribe and I found myself; and identity beyond “Mom”

Spending my days on the beach, connected to the Ocean awakened the mind, body, soul  connection. It called for me to be a better person and brought forth a self love that I had never felt before. I had been acting out of my root chakra for most of my life, survival. This caused me to be disconnected with my self and body, it was uncomfortable to feel, so I chose to hover over my body instead of inside it, feeling nothing at all. Meditation with water, the source of all life, cleansed, freed, planted my spirit into my body, deeply rooted for the first time.

I made time for myself, choosing to join a circus gym and take Aerial Silks and Contortion classes, this filled my cup so much. It has always been a distant dream and passion of mine to be in Cirque Du Soleil. I thought why not me? Why does that have to be so distant, I connected with a part of myself that, even at times felt silly to think about. Mother of two Aerialist? But why not? I couldn’t lift myself up the first class, but to my surprise I got better…..quickly! I am so encouraged to try new things and be bad at them so I can get better! I can be better, better is good!

Oh, Right, I got a head tattoo. A really big one. Sacred Geometry has been speaking to me my entire life, I just didn’t know it until fairly recently. When I connected with a Spirit Science video on Youtube. The Flower of Life, the Genesis pattern, the code for all creation and all living things. It spoke to me. I really didn’t have to give it much thought. I needed it. I needed it on my head. I said “If there is a parking spot open in front of the shop (In Mission Beach on a Saturday) I will book this appointment. And there, in front of the door, I parked. I meditate with Sacred Geometry, is is my gateway to the divine and all good things. I fall in love with my head more and more everyday and wear it proudly.

Whenever I would meditate and envision my authentic self, I would see long, blonde dreadlocks, so I decided to start that journey as well. I have never felt more like myself. My locks reflect my spiritual journey and that is invaluable to me.

I met my best friend! I am still honored that I put out the kind of energy it takes to attract such a high vibing soul. It’s hard to believe we only met (in this lifetime) in January. We had such adventures, things I never would have felt empowered to do before (Black’s Beach, anyone?). The connection was divine because she’s moving to WA…and she always was, she just didn’t know it yet and I like to think I sped up the process.

I got to bond with my kids and my partner. I was able to redefine relationships in general and the borders and barriers we seem to create within them. Especially the relationship with God. I leave behind religion entirely and trust myself to make the right decisions (What a concept) I am not separated from the creater, the light is inside of me. I can choose what speaks to me and leave the rest in any relationship or relationship concept. I am strong, I am woman, I am power, I can do this.

Being back in WA has been weird. A new person in an old place has left me feeling somewhat stagnant. I know it’s exactly where I need to be, but that doesn’t let my heart escape the yearning for the beach. This is a season of making my life and space match my new vibration and truly creating a life I enjoy, come along with me!

cali 2014-15 1030

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