A Soul’s letter to it’s Vessel.

Hello my sweet,

I look in awe upon you every time your gaze meets the mirror. Your perfect blue eyes and your blonde hair, the vibrations I could only dream of before, standing before me in human form. I chose you. You are perfection personified. We will learn lessons together for our greatest good and I can’t imagine a better partner. I set you apart. You house my thoughts and desires. my dreams and hopes. Your heart beats in time with our truest confessions.

I use your arms for hugging the ones we love most, something I could only imagine before. We can physically feel love and it surrounds us. Thank you for your gentle touch and your kind presence.

At night, while you dream, I send love from the divine to hear you wounds of mortality. The human journey is a difficult one. I thank you for joining me on this quest, you are noble and strong.

I used your womb to grow my children’s perfect vessels, you grew them beautifully. You are amazing and divinely chosen for this task. You Shepard each one into this realm with the strength never felt before. The strength of womanhood. You are empowered. I looked upon you in awe. The marks left over from the task are beautiful. You continue to guide and ready them for their chosen tasks. You are perfect. They chose you.

I use your legs to travel this earth, to carry us safely, to run to those in need. To dance, to be silly, to be free. You are perfect.

Your face presents us to the world. The scar below left eye, your cheekbones, the way your glasses rest upon your nose, I chose this. I gaze at you with joy and triumph because it’s everything I wanted for this journey.

We are a force to be reckoned with, we are warriors of this plain. You will provide for me until I break free and you will have done so well, my love. I look forward to our days together, the lessons we have yet to learn, the adventures we have yet to begin. The scars we have not yet earned.

Never forget your worth, my beautiful one.


Photo by Little Moon Birth Photography


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