Missing It.

I get to see you every day,

I get to wipe your tears away.

I get to sing you to sleep and be ecstatic when you want to read me just one more book.

and I can’t imagine missing it.

From the moment we met, there is nothing I regret.

I am dedicated to your happiness and you are the root of mine.

I get to feel you here, with me all the time. Playing, jumping, singing, leaping, growing.

I get to walk with your tiny hand in mine and watch as your growing feet make bigger and bigger strides.

And I can’t imagine missing it.

I get to listen to your stories and hear your voice that never stops.

I get to compromise when you argue and let you stay up one more hour.

I get to hold you when you re seeking comfort when the world is too loud or bright or your clothes don’t sit just right.

And I couldn’t imagine missing it.

Growing, changing, evolving.

And He’s just missing it. I can’t imagine.


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