“I’m not making anything up, you are just dimensionally challenged. What makes you think Imagination isn’t real? Something HAS to be imagined before it can be created.” -Every child ever.

I genuinely believe young kids don’t have the ability to make things up, I think what they say is either a past life memory, a recent astral projection or something happening currently anywhere in the world or realms, kids remember and can tap into the limitlessness that we have been taught to forget.

Ezekiel was talking about his “Grandfadder” (whom I later discovered to my grandpa that died 2 years before Z was born, he had never seen a photo until after he was talking about him. He said “oh, yeah, that’s him, he had big wings like a bird) and his mom from before he chose me (past life. he said “she’s a spooky now” …ghost) gave him a “spooky car”. I was like…uhm. okay. I asked my psychic/friend/Reese because. …wtf. She started laughing and said “it looks like they imprinted into his DNA the ability to astral travel easily between time and space……I guess a spooky car/astral travel gets you to where you need to go.”

Kids say weird things. Like when Ezekiel came to me, troubled, and said “Mom, your room is full of spookies, I need your help, they are scaring me.”

So I took his hand and we went together.

I asked him to ask them what they needed. He said “They are scared and they want to go home.”

At this point I called my friend/psychic/Reese. Because, what kid says this stuff.

She listened to him (as I translated what he said because, he’s 3.) They were on the phone for forty minutes and I will never forget how she BELIEVED everything he said and listened intently with all her heart. After a few exercises, trying to send the spookies home, Ezekiel said “They need pink light.”

We surrounded them in pink light (even though -I- couldn’t see anything) and sent them to heaven, my friend, still on the phone said, “Did that work Ezekiel, are they gone?” He said,  emphatically “YES!!! He is home with his mom and his other mom and his baby! We did it!”

I didn’t know what we did, but we did it. And he was no longer scared of my room or any spookies he may see, he now had the confidence to deal with it himself. He was less anxious at home, it changed something in him, that moment shifted how I talk to my kids, our entire dialog isn’t based upon the fact that I know more, because you know what? Maybe I don’t.

I asked her “How do I know when to believe him and when he is making stuff up?” She said “Always believe him.”

I will never forget that.

Children need validation.

Their minds are broader, they have different perspective that you have yet to remember.

If we can acknowledge our kids brilliance in the little things, the odd stories, the imaginary friends, the monsters in the closet, we will empower them to trust that voice inside, the beginning steps in putting them at the helm of their life’s purpose. To come into their power and live confidently with their feet planted deep in the earth and their heads high in the clouds, strong, unwavering truth.


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