Growth and Growing

This has been a season of growth for all of us. As I reflect,  I think about the place we were this time last year.

Ezekiel was getting more and more difficult to deal with in public. I didn’t understand him, his tantrums made no sense to me and, although I have always followed my gut as a gentle parent, that kept me from being as compassionate as I should have been. His panic attacks were increasing and with it my stress level and both of our unhappiness.

Being a highly sensitive person myself, I have always been aware that Ezekiel felt deeply, I believed that I was prepared to be his mom and everything was fine because we could relate!

I was wrong, the middle of night screaming sessions yelling “I WANT MY MOM, NO DON’T TOUCH ME! HOLD ME THIS WAY, NO NOT LIKE THAT.”  I was so overwhelmed and so was he, I was desperate for help and after reading all the books I knew about sensitive kids, I was still lost.

I made the decision after a few weeks accompanied by some guilt and angst, I turned to the help of a psychic named Reese. Growing up in an Evangelical Christian household, I was nervous because Psychic was a four letter word, but I needed help.

The things I learned from that first session would open doors in our lives that I never knew existed. It was then that I discovered the word “Empath” and how Ezekiel was very strongly one. He felt the energy of the world and everyone on it, “no wonder he would have issues only in public” I thought.  In just realizing that about him, our lives changed.  In addition to her giving us some simple quick exercises for overwhelmed minds. Our favorite is rooting into the earth and pretending we were trees…It really was that easy.

Everything she said felt right in my spirit, even now, thinking back on that first session, I am tearing up with all the weight and heaviness that was lifted. For the first time since I could remember I. Didn’t. Feel. Crazy. Wow.

It was all in love, We are one of One. As I have learned more throughout the year about love, energy, God, connection, compassion, about my sons, I feel more at peace than I ever have before. I feel like me, living genuinely.

Ezekiel went from having a panic attack every time we were out to three in six months, he is able to enjoy life and I can see him blossom and see him free. Reese gets a frantic call from us every once in a while, but she calms him down and listens to his needs when I can’t get to him.

Reese made my son make sense to me and, I think, make sense to himself, what a wonderful gift.

It’s taken me a long time to be comfortable with mentioning the metaphysical side of life and how it has effected our lives, simply because of the questions, but I am ready and because this is our journey. It’s everything.

I know if you have seen us during the last year, you have seen a difference, we are happy and whole and most importantly, living authentically us.

untitled shoot-0610

You won’t regret booking a skype or phone session.

2 thoughts on “Growth and Growing

  1. You are such an amazing woman. Your spirit and love in contagious even when I am more than 3,000 miles away. To be present during one of the most beautiful moments in your families’ life will always be something I treasure!

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