Escher, My Son.

In 7 days it is my youngest son’s first birthday…what?! I cannot express to you the joy he has brought into my life. I always say “He’s just happy to be here.” WHEREVER that may be.



He is just the happiest. So full of life, he brings a new level of joy that I had not known. It radiates out of every pore. And those eyeballs!



Now, when I was pregnant with Escher, I was pretty convinced he was a girl. For no particular reason, really. She was a she and that’s that. The day before I went into labor I had a beautiful vision of two boys playing I woke up sobbing!!! Ezekiel needs a brother!!!

When I saw HIS face, I was overwhelmed. “I HAVE TWO BOYS! WE HAVE A SON!” I shouted from the roof tops.


And I had my boys ❤


And they had each other!


What a fantastic year it has been full of fun and adventure.





Thanks for letting me be your mom, Escher. You make all dreams come true. Here’s to me returning the favor the rest of my life. ❤



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