Brief Babywearing For Beginners.

 I have had many friends ask me about the overwhelming world of babywearing! So I’ll do a post about it. I remember when I was getting started and, the first wrap I had was a Moby…I was so excited to open it up and get started…so I unrolled….and unrolled…..and unrolled and was like…Uhm…what? Thank God For YouTube, huh! Now 2.5 years later it’s second nature and I could NOT live without babywearing. So, I’ll start with some questions I HAD when looking for something more supportive.

What the heck does size mean and how am I supposed to find mine?

Basically, Size = Length.That’s it!  And length determines what carries you can do.

Everyone has a “base size.” A length they can do every carry with. (For an average sized person, it’s usually size 6) I recommend getting your base size as your first wrap so you have room to practice and perfect.

What’s material got to do with it? 

Different material is good for different things. 100% cotton, silk/cotton, linen/cotton, wool/cotton, cashmere/cotton, and hemp/cotton….and sometimes it’s just plain preference. 

For beginners though, I’d recommend 100% cotton or linen, it’s just easier to work with…in my opinion.

My first woven wrap was from Wrap Nap Fairy, she has beautiful linen wraps that are airy and great for hot weather. I still use this wrap everyday! And could even Tandemwear if it was a tad bit longer!


This wrap seems stiff? How am I supposed to do anything with it?

Wraps need to be broken in! This can be done quite simply by using it…sitting on it….washing it (I use a TAD of country save..and ONLY AIR DRY)


Start with The Front Cross Carry before you do anything fancy or on your back. I don’t currently have any videos but here is a picture!

This looks terrible….please tell me it gets better.


It does! Practice! Don’t give up…or do, but come back! YouTube and mirrors, people. I remember when I first started learning the Double Hammock carry, I would just be crying and sweating looking in the mirror. I did it in the grocery store parking lot the other day! Stick with it and you can get awesome pictures



The Early Years, however.




HAVE FUN! That’s what life is all about 🙂



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