Princess Umbrella

Yesterday we went to get Ezekiel new shoes because puddles and growing. The route to the kids shoes is cleverly placed right past what I like to call “Tantrum bait” extra things you don’t need splashed with alluring characters.

Ezekiel needed the McQueen and Mickey umbrellas, fine..sure! We’ve got plenty of shoes to try on.

We got him sized (7, for those interested) and picked out some McQueen light-ups, buuuuuuuut the Airplane ones were cheaper. So, they won.

Back to the tantrum bait wall.

“Okay, Ezekiel, you can have ONE umbrella, which ONE so you want?”

“Uhm, Mickies….no, uhm MAN” (Spiderman) ….Then, there is was..



Now, by this time it NAAAAAAP time, so it was desperate. He insisted on having it OPEN especially in the car on the way home.


Which was confusing because it was “HEAVY” and “STUCK” …and nap time.


He slept with it last night (open) and this morning it hasn’t left his side.




It’s sure to be a lifelong…or week long relationship.

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